About Me / Studio History

Dear Visitor!

My name is Valentine Smith. I'm an independent 3d artist and programmer doing animations and 3d art with passion. I started creating animations when I was 14. I always believed that imagining and building up interesting worlds, and telling great stories are moving along our society. My personal mission is to build a better world through art. After 20 years of learning and practice I managed to put together a whole animation film fully by myself. But I don't want to stop here.

Now-SiDE Pictures is a small indie studio founded and run by me. The studio has existed since 2005. It has several short animation projects mostly for learning purposes, but the first remarkable release of the studio is definitely the Soul@Root animation series from 2023.

I have a lot of creative ideas that hopefully help us humans to realize we are one. Beside meaningful stories I also like to entertain people with my creations so I mostly create generally consumable movies with exciting actions and dynamic storytelling. I am mainly against today's trends with meaningless contents so I focus on stories and characters.

Feel free to watch my latest animation series Soul@Root at my YT channel. If you like what I do please consider becoming a patron of mine, or use any method under the Donate menu to help me build more awesome stories.

Take care,
Valentine Smith