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12072002-00350047-00100004 (Raiffeisen Bank - HUF)
12600016-13701524-20912702 (Wise - HUF)

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HU80 1207 2002 0035 0047 0010 0004 (Raiffeisen Bank - HUF | SWIFT: UBRTHUHB)

Via Wise by email: valentinesmithart [at] gmail [dot] com

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(sort code): 23-14-70
Account nuber: 17578750
IBAN: GB80 TRWI 2314 7017 5787 50

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ACH: 084009519
Account number: 9600005845533815

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IBAN: BE31 9673 4914 1055

Some more info

Give first policy: The last four years I managed to put together a full length feature film. It's now splitted into six exciting episodes, and released for free. I never run fundraisers or campaigns to found my first project. My goal was to give value first without any requirements. I do my best to proceed with upcoming animations and series, but support will always be welcome.

If you like my ideas, characters, please consider donating some money to help me continue my work and build up more awesome stores, animations, and shorts.

My projects are still low-budget indie projects, so every $ counts. I spend the received donations to pay electric bills, hardwares, softwares,webhosting,licenses, and a bit of marketing.