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SoulRoot is an independent animated movie created by a single artist. The story takes place at the fictional CoreCity where demons have taken over the control. The young superheroine Juliet Bain and her friends try to stop the evil Morrigan from destroying their world, but she realizes they are not so different at all. Juliet and the evil demoness Morrigan's fight and the outcome will decide the faith of Core City and all of it's citizens. The story is not just an action packed movie, it also represents an internal fight against our demons in a sci-fi environment. Understanding the story requires to watch the full movie of course, so feel free to watch this full length movie, or you can go with SoulRoot episodes cut here:
The series is a bit older and some kind of raw version, due to heavy time limits, so you my prefer to watch this full length re-cut. (What is the originally planned movie by the way)
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The entire movie was created by me from screenwriting to rendering through character design,rigging and so on. My goal was to tell this story to inspire others and let them a sneak peak to my imagination through the medium I love (motion pictures). It's my first full movie as a director. It's a passion project of mine. I have an internal drive to tell stories, motivate people, so I've been dedicated to visual arts for many years. I hardly believe originality and creativity are some of the best human values. It took me 4 years of work to finish this project what (i think) it's a great dedication to arts itself. Since it's a one man show, it has a lot of limitations and some mistakes (like every existing human created stuff), but I did my best to create a great story for the characters to shine. With the help of talented voice actors and musicians I believe we can bring some good experiences to everyone who loves animation movies and is curious about unique stories and the human soul. Thanks for watching! Love you all.